Friday, 12 May 2017

Be a Responsible Citizen; Donate to Charity Hospital

Donate to charity hospital if you want proper utilization of your donated money, waiting lists are occupied in many of these hospitals. Pledges are required to put an end to the medical procedures of patients. In a situation, similar to it charity hospitals wait for massive donations that helps in dealing with patients on waiting list. In Pakistan, a high percentage of underprivileged community suffering from poor health conditions, living unstable lives with disturbed financials. Unaffordable expenses of medical procedures burdening the patients as they are burden beast leaving them with no option.


Why Transparency Matters?

“Lack of transparency results in distrust and deep sense of insecurity” well said by Dalai Lama. Maintaining transparency is one major responsibility on the shoulders of nonprofit charities. People most in need deserves high transparency levels because money gathered on their name belongs to them only. Giving to those for whom it was given is the basic principle charities work on.

Best Hospitals in Pakistan Working Efficiently

Number of charity organizations are working round the clock for alleviation of sufferings faced by individuals in under develop country. But transparency is a matter of concern for every organization. Keeping the work crystal clear with authenticity is the need of the hour and few transparent names among charity hospitals are Al Khidmat Foundation and a fast-emerging name Bilqees Sarwar Hospital.


AlKhidmat Foundation’s Appeal to Donate to Charity Hospital for Best Utilization of Funds

This foundation is one of the leading nonprofit organizations, fully dedicated to humanitarian sector. Alkhidmat’s  dedicated services include Disaster management, health, education, orphan care, clean 
water, Mawakhat Program (Micro Finance) and Community Services.

Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan being a non-governmental and non-profit organization is committed to serve humanity without any sort of discrimination to contribute towards their well-being of health, education, financial sustainability and availability of clean water, mosques. Alkhidmat Foundation is committed to serve the hmanatrian sector in all most every perspective and also emphasizes on transparency through keeping a keen eye on funds management. Alkhidmat’s services as charity hospital are admired and appreciated by the patients treated at Alkihdmat Hospital.

Alkhidmat Foundation’s President Message

Our standard of “Relief Activity” is Service to Humanity for seeking delight of Creator of humanity. The standard states that this movement is a pledge not a straightforward volunteerism and we believe in management without division of shade, zone or religion”

Donate to Bilqees Sarwar Foundation

Bilqees Sarwar Hospital(BSH); a Fast-Emerging Charity Hospital

BSH is an initiative of Bilqees Sarwar Foundation which is a new fast-emerging NGO in Pakistan, humanitarian leaders because of their creative, active and immediate response to communities most in need. High quality education, health care and fundamental necessities is the right for every individual around us, is the basic principle BSF works on.

BSH serves at least 500,000 community members, 12,500 patients per month and almost 180,000 patients have been served so far. BSH also holds the title of being the largest dialysis center in Punjab Ophthalmology department is serving at its best with the help of top-notch ophthalmologist and high-tech laser eye surgeries. Giving laser eye treatment to those who are unable to pay for fixation of visual impairment is a noble cause in which BSH is making its name. BSH has offered previously unseen levels of transparency. BSH’s motto is to provide quality health care solutions to the people most in need at BSH where patients don’t have to worry about expenses because your life matters the most to BSH and for BSH transparency is the new objectivity.

BSH’s Presidents Message

“I am so enthusiastic about our new health project. Donate to charity hospital the only way of helping the community most in need. The opening of Razia Begum dialysis center established in the memory of our grandmother was an initiative proposed by our hospital. Kidney disease is a major health issue in Pakistan and is a cause very close to my heart. I am so proud of my team’s commitment to design, procure and operate the largest dialysis center in order to treat our community”

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